Testimonials: Phosclear® - buffered Aluminum Sulfate treatment for water clarity and phosphate control

Why Clients have been very pleased with PHOSCLEAR®

We continue to get compliments, suggestions and praise from out clients who rave out out product. Here are just a few samples of the diverse solutions PHOSCLEAR has provided.



Just a quick note to thank you for your guidance on my lake issue.  We have not had to treat for algae since the second application of Phosclear in mid-August, which is absolutely incredible.  The algae has become a marginal issue.  We still need to continue to address clarity issues, but feel the lake is finally headed in the right direction.

The second treatment put us right around 80 pounds per foot/acre.  Next spring, I’ll start again with another PO4 test and likely continue with additional Phosclear treatment to pull the PO4 into an acceptable range.

Jill, President, Home Owners Association
Ste. Genevieve, MO

Jean Green

Dear PhosClear,

"I followed your instruction by adding three tablets of PhosClear™ to my 150-gallon pond. The pond was so dark that you could not see the bottom. By the end of the second day it was crystal clear. I am very pleased with the product and will continue to use it. Best wishes - you have a satisfied customer in Utah."

Jean Green (Utah)

Lloyd Allred

Dear PhosClear,

"I did not think I would be writing this letter about the improvement to my pond to you, but thanks to your assistance with your new Phosclear™ product, I am. I built a 3500 gallon backyard pond last year. I am proud of this pond. I have spent a good amount of time decorating it and feeding the fish in it. This spring from the start it was a persistent and opaque whitish-green color. I did not know what to do immediately so I contacted a local water service organization who had used the product to successfully clarify a multi-million gallon holding pond with your Phosclear™ P80 product. After you measured the water chemistry and determined the phosphorous content with your field measuring unit, our application of 5-pounds on the successive days worked! As you instructed, we covered the area of the pond with the handy tablets and in a matter of a few days, the pond became crystal clear. None of my fish died as well. I plan to use your Phosclear™ P80 for general upkeep of my pond on a more regular basis. It is a product well worth the effort and price. Congratulations."

Lloyd Allred (Utah)

Kemper Lakes Golf Club

One of the earliest ponds we treated with Phosclear™ pellets was the pond at the #8 green at Kemper Lakes Golf Club in Long Grove, IL. The pond is almost one surface acre in size with an average depth of about 7 ½ feet. The total water volume was estimated at about 2.4 million gallons or 7.5 acre-feet of water.

An initial test for orthophosphate from a sample collected 10 feet from shore at a depth of 18 inches indicted a PO4 concentration of 35 ppb (0.35 ppm). Based on this number, we planned to dose at 80 times the water column value to address mobile phosphorous in the pond sediment.

We added 100 lbs of Phosclear™ pellets which equates to 13.3 pounds/acre-foot. After three days, there was absolutely no evidence of aquatic toxicity. A follow-up test for orthophosphate 24 hours after the initial dose showed an 81% reduction in PO4 and a 96% reduction in TP.

Furthermore, the pond was clearer.
Phosclear® - buffered Aluminum Sulfate treatment for water clarity and phosphate control

Phosclear® - buffered Aluminum Sulfate treatment for water clarity and phosphate control

Thereafter, we provided follow-up treatments as follows:

May 9, 2002 (Initial Treatment) 100 lbs
May 31, 2002 100 lbs
July 12, 2002 50 lbs
August 12, 2002 50 lbs
September 10, 2002 100 lbs
Total 400 lbs

The #8 pond saw some occasional blooms of Anabeana-strain of algae. This is a nitrogen-fixating algae and was sprayed with aquatic herbicides. The repeat Phosclear™ treatments were timed to facilitate the precipitation of PO4 from decaying plant and algae, killed by the application of normal aquatic herbicides.

The intent of this study is to manage the internal phosphorous load of this pond to improve clarity and to reduce the availability of PO4 nutrient thereby reducing the frequency and severity of nuisance algae blooms.

According to Dan Tully, Golf Course Superintendent at KLGC, “There were fewer problems with the treated pond than with other, untreated ponds. Also, the pond on #8 tee had visibly better clarity than our other ponds.”

Combined with the use of aquatic herbicides on an as-needed basis, Phosclear™ treated ponds have higher water clarity and appear to have fewer problems than untreated ponds. We believe the product is an effective means on controlling internal pond nutrient levels and has a place as part of an overall pond management program.

Dan Tully
Golf Course Superintendent
Kemper Lakes Golf Club
Long Grove, IL

Boulder Ridge CC

Dear Phosclear,
"The Phosclear treatment improved the clarity of our problem pond on the #5 tee. The had less problems this year than in the past."

Paul Wagner
Golf Course Superintendent
Boulder Ridge Country Club
Lake in the Hills, IL

Poplar Creek GC

Dear Phosclear,

"We applied Phosclear to our very shallow pond on #3 and saw improved
clarity. We also tried the product on another, deeper pond and saw
improvement in clarity. I would definitely use the product again
and think that it has a place as part of an overall pond management

Luke Strojny
Golf Course Superintendent
Poplar Creek Golf Club
Hoffman Estates, IL

Dear Phosclear,

“Thanks so much for testing my pond water – Pre and Post the introduction of your Bentonite product.

As we discussed on the phone, my pond (150,000 gallons) went from dark and dirty to crystal clear in less than three (3) days following your instruction of eight to ten pounds of Phosclear spread around the entire pond. It was truly amazing.

I’m very pleased that I discovered your product.

Best wishes as you expand your sales – you’ve got a satisfied customer here in New Jersey.”

Patrick Lonergan
Private Pond Owner
New Jersey

By the way, I am so impressed with Phosclear!

We've tried many products that claim to control algae, but they had no affect on our pond.  And algaecide was never an option because we keep Koi.

(Our specs:  We have a 14,000 gallon pond, depth ranges from 2' on the shallow side to 4' at the deepest part, and completely exposed to the sun.)

Phosclear is the only product that actually worked.

I just happened to notice it one day in the Aquatic Eco-Systems catalog, so we decided to give it a try.
This stuff is AMAZING!  I am surprised that the various Koi sites aren't talking more about it.  
Do you plan to market Phosclear on the various Koi and pond sites? 

Thanks again,


I called you a couple of months back.  You took the time to talk to me about my 18,000 gallons of pea soup pond.  I bought the five gallon bucket and three applications later the pond was crystal clear.  Every application made a visible difference, after the last one the pond has remained clear.  Nice to get something that exceeds your expectations.  Hopefully I won't need any till summer returns.  If your thinking of discontinuing this product, email me so I can get more just in case I'll need it again.

PS.. I'm in Southern California, pond in almost full sun.

The Phosclear worked great in my small  90,000 gal Koi pond. The water was like coco and within 2-3 hours you could see bottom in 2-3 feet of water. The suspended clay was finally gone!    The Koi were feeding 4 hours later and it was great to watch them in crystal clear water!   I will be ordering more for my 1.5 million gallon pond when we finish the final grade, seeding, and have vegetation around it!

Thank you,

Chris M


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