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PhosClear - buffered Aluminum Sulfate treatment for phosphate control and water clarityPHOSCLEAR® - buffered Aluminum Sulfate treatment for phosphate control and water clarity

What is Alum (Aluminum Sulfate)? 

Alum is Aluminum Sulfate. This is the most widely used product to treat municipal waste waters for clarity and phosphate control. The Aluminum ions bond with phosphate molecules in the water.  The resulting Aluminum Phosphate (AlPO4) is insoluble in water. This precipitate settles to the bottom of the pond and the phosphate is no longer available as a nutrient.

Also, the Aluminum ions act to agglomerate suspended dirt particles leaving the pond water sparkling clear.

What is Phosclear®?

Phosclear® is a powdered version of buffered Aluminum Sulfate.  It is the same Alum and buffering agent components found in two-part systems and in some Alum pellets.

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6 days after 100lbs treatment with PhosClear buffered aluminum sulfate

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PHOSCLEAR® - water control and water clarity - aluminum sulphate for algae control and pond clarity

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